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  • Ostseebad Zoppot
    need to forego the pleasure of the daily constitutional Sheltered broad solariums immediately adjacent to the beach invite you the rest awhile in their comfortable seats At the mineral water fountain are to be had the original waters of the health resorts of Kissingen Reichenhall Marienbad Karlsbad Wildungen Truskawiec and many others as well as fresh milk The sheltered solarium with the mineral water cures in the gardens of the Kurhaus Among the many and varied events at the Casino Hotel the largest and most elegant hotel in Eastern Europe the afternoon tea dances in the open air enjoy a wide popularity Tea dances in front of the Casino Hotel with a view of the sea The dance band and the performers engaged by the Casino Hotel are only those of international repute At cocktail time or in the evening visit the Casino Bar which has been named the prettiest bar in Europe Have you ever set on a bar stool and watched the sun rising over the sea You can enjoy this spectacle here The music loving public comes in large numbers to attend the daily afternoon and evening concerts of the Kurhaus orchestra and its 48 musicians The weekly solist and symphony concerts in the Kurhaus gardens are of a high artistic level The Zoppot Forest Opera with its natural open air stage demonstrates in a new and absolutely unique manner the closeness to nature of the works of Richard Wagner Its Richard Wagner Festival Performances are world renowned they are attended by tens of thousands of visitors of all nationalities General Intendent Hermann Merz is in charge of the artistic production Famous European conductors have visited the Forest Opera Schillings Knappertsbusch Elmendorff Pfitzner The imposing Festival Orchestra is composed of musicians from the foremost theaters and orchestras The chorus has 500 members Onn the hallowed ground of German art and culture the Zoppot Forest Opera with its yearly season of Richard Wagner festival performances is the delight of the artistic and musical public The culminating point of the season s social events is the great international dance tournament at the Kurhaus Beautiful women exquisite gowns the alluring rhythm of a first class band make a frame for this occasion for which European dancing and sporting circles have nothing but praise The best dancers of 17 nations accepted the invitation of the resort management to attend the contestfor the world championship for amatours in 1937 An especially big holiday for visitors and residents alike is the traditional Big Thursday in the middle of July On that day there is an never ending feast for the eyes Through the streets and the great Kurhaus gardens moves the Flower Corso in which the cars of the visitors compete with those of the residents in friendly rivalry for the handsome prizes Dancing displays alternate with Gymnastic shows and the highest peak is reached in the evening when the festive illuminations of the pier and the gardens and the miriads of coloured (2012-07-20)

  • Freimaurer
    gekrönten Löwen were established In 1786 lodge Zum Kranisch was closed but short after the new lodge appears on its place It got the name Zum Einigkeit Lodge Zum Einigkeit had its seat at Samtgasse Eugenia at Gartenstrasse 1 After the Napoleon s campaigns Prussian authorieties took over the lodges buildings Eugenia moved to house at Neugarten 18 19 and Einigkeit to house at Neugarten 8 In 1873 the new (2012-07-20)

  • Danziger Denkmäler
    disc set of sandstone It was designed by prof Friedrich Fischer Kriegerdenkmal in St Katharinenkirche The monument was destroyed in 1945 Luther s monument in Marienkirche The monument was set on the occasion of 400 anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther and was unvailed on 10 November 1883 Lutherdenkmal The monument was destroyed in 1945 Monument of fallen Austrian soldiers The monument located on garrison cemetery was dedicated to Austrian soldiers fallen during prussian austrian war in 1866 It has a shape of four mortars set on a basement It was revealed in 1913 The monument survived to modern times The monument today Monument of fallen soldiers from cruiser Magdeburg The monument located on garrison cemetery was dedicated to 14 soldiers from cruiser Magdeburg who died in 1914 It has a shape of kolumn with names of the soldiers The anchor was set next to the monument Denkmal für Gefallenen vom Kreuzer Magdeburg The monument survived to modern times The monument today Monument of Danzig s policemen The monument was dedicated to fallen policemen of Freie Stadt Danzig and is located at garrison cemetery It has a shape of brick wall with table with police tschako and inscription Unsern Toten The monument survived to modern times The monument today Daniel Gralath monument Monument was dedicated to former mayor and founder of Great Avenue The monument with form of boulder with table located at Große Allee Al Zwycięstwa was revealed in 1900 Gralath Denkmal After 1945 the monument was dedicated to scouts In 2004 it was again dadicated to Daniel Gralath and the new table with inscriptions in polish and german was set on it The monument after 2004 Fountain at Winterplatz Maslany Market Fountain located centrally on Winterplatz Maslany Market was founded by G A Aird from Berlin in 1875 Medallions with images of famous people Mayor Leopold von Winter JEG honor named for a square Johann Heinrich Lintz mayor city council chairman Theodor Bischoff and urban construction adviser Julius Licht were placed on the fountain Fountain on Winterplatz Fountain was destroyed in 1945 Gutenberg monument In July 1840 during the celebration of the 400th anniversary of the invention of printing in the woods of Jäschkental a wooden arbor was built In 1890 it was replaced by a metal structure and five years later a bronze statue of Gutenberg was set in the arbor Gutenbergdenkmal The monument was removed in 1945 In 1998 new figure of Gutenberg was set in the arbor Monument to the heroes in Uphagen park Monument dedicated to World War I heroes was set in Uphagenpark in Langfuhr 17 July 1927 The inscription on the monument Den Helden 1914 1918 Helden Denkmal The monument was destroyed after 1945 Monument to fallen seamen in Langfuhr Unveiled on 25 June 1939 the monument of German seamen who died during World War I had the form of a boulder with a table Monument called Skagerrakstein or Marine Gedenkstein set on Skagerrakplatz now Bishop Edward O Rourke Square Skagerrakstein (2012-07-20)

  • main
    eine wunderschene Stadt die zu aller Lust und Laune Flaumens mit Machandel hat Ei das is ein saubres Tröppchen in Welutzke seine Hand Son Machandel von zwei Treppchen gibt bestimmt kein Dachstuhlbrand Erst die Flaume mang die Zähne und die Zung aus Schabernack schiebt sich langsam dänn das kleene Flaumensteinchen inne Back Und dann hinters Obstgemiese dem Machandel nachjescheert dänn es wird allein auf diese alte Art das Glas jeleert (2012-07-20)

  • Stern
    was issued by Senat of Freie Stadt Danzig for Willy Migeod He could open the pharmacy at Stadtgebiet Nr 7 near Schönfelderbrücke There is the signature of the representant of Senat Mr Wiercinski Signature of Mr Wiercinski The fee for the licence was 200 Gulden Pharmacy Stern at Stadtgebiet Nr 7 Other pharmacies Apotheke zur Altstadt at Targ Drzewny Holzmarkt Adler Apotheke at Grobla IV street 4 Damm Raths Apotheke (2012-07-20)

  • Gdansk / Danzig
    from Atelier Samson Co Danzig Langgasse 49 Photo from Atelier Arthur Rogorsch Danzig Photo from Atelier Franz Dähling Danzig Altstädtischer Graben 93 Photo from Atelier H Grosse Katterhager Gasse 5 Photo from Atelier H Große Holzmarkt 17 Photo from Atelier B Mischewski Breit Gasse 81 nahe dem Krahnthore Photo from Atelier Georg Fast Vorstädtischer Graben 58 Photo from Atelier Robert Grosse Katterhagergasse 5 parterre Photo from Atelier Gottheil Sohn Hundegasse 5 Photo from Atelier E Flottwell u Co Reitbahn 7 Photo from Atelier P B Sauerbier Reitbahn 7 Photo from Atelier E Flottwell u Co Reitbahn 7 Photo from Atelier Emil Frenzl Vorstädt scher Graben 41 Photo from Atelier Gottheil Sohn Holzmarkt 15 Photo from Atelier F Krause Weidengasse 4 thanks to Wiesław Grzonka Photo from Atelier F Krause Weidengasse 4 Photo from Atelier F Krause Weidengasse 4 Photo from Atelier Robert Grosse Fleischergasse 87 Photo from Atelier R Fischer Portechaisengasse 7 8 Photo from Atelier E Flottwell Reibahn No 7 Photo from Atelier C Ernst Vorstädtischer Graben 52 Photo from Atelier Paul Lucka Neufahrwasser Olivaerstraße 38 Photo from Atelier A Bielau Heilige Geistgasse 141 Glockenthor Photo from Atelier Aloys Arke Vorstädtscher Graben 56 Photo from Atelier R Fischer Portechaisengasse (2012-07-20)

  • Freie Stadt Danzig - DA
    cutted upper corners They were in official use between 1919 and 1939 License plates rectangular quadrat The history of the oval plates began somewhere at the beginning of 20 th century in Europe By 1910 this was introduced in 12 European countries Austria A Belgium B Bulgaria BG France F Germany D Hungary H Italy I Monaco MC the Netherlands NL Russia R Spain E and the United Kingdom GB (2012-07-20)

  • Strassenbahn
    Langer Markt Langgasse Stadtgraben Große Allee Ostseestraße Bärenweg Max Halbe Platz LANGFUHR Heeresanger 6 DANZIG An der Reitbahn Altschottland Günther Schaffer Wall OHRA Bahnhof 7 DANZIG Silberhütte Neugarten Karthauserstraße SCHIDLITZ 8 DANZIG Breitegasse Holz Markt Pfefferstadt Hanzaplatz Schichaugasse Paul Beneke Weg Wilhelmstraße NEUFAHRWASSER Albrehtstraße 9 LANGFUHR Brunshöferweg Max Halbe Platz Brösenerweg Danzigerstraße Brösen Neufahrwasserweg Wilhelmstraße NEUFAHRWASSER Olivaerstraße 10 OLIVA Am Markt Am Schloßgarten Seestraße GLETTKAU Tram tickets and one bus ticket from Danzig Ticket s prices in 1929 Danzig Gdansk Langfuhr Wrzeszcz 25 pfennig Danzig Gdansk Oliva Oliwa 35 pfennig Danzig Gdansk Brösen Brzezno 30 pfennig Danzig Hauptbahnhof Gdansk Dworzec Glowny Weidengasse ul Łąkowa 15 pfennig Danzig Hansaplatz Gdansk plac Hanzy Heubude Stogi 30 pfennig Danzig Kohlenmarkt Gdansk Targ Weglowy Ohra Orunia 30 pfennig Danzig Silberhütte Gdansk Hucisko Emaus Emaus 15 pfennig Langfuhr Wrzeszcz Brösen Brzezno 15 pfennig Oliva Oliwa Glettkau Jelitkowo 15 pfennig Depot at Lenzgasse near Lakowa street Depot in Neufahrwasser Depot in Langfuhr at Wojska Polskiego street Am Friedenschluß Orchester of Tram company in Danzig Straßenbahn Kapelle Danzig In the first half of 20 th century there were many different trams used in Danzig There were still trams built before the First WW and newer with two and four axis Some of the cars were built in Danziger Waggonfabrik other were built in different places i e in Herbrandt company in Köln During the Second WW trams model N came to Danzig There were also very interesting car model 242 the first tram in danzig with lower deck There is still used in Danzig on tourist line one historical tram Bergmann nr 266 built in 1927 in Danziger Waggonfabrik Trams can be find on many postcards Lower deck Pullman at railway station Tram stop of line nr 6 in Orunia Ohra Tram at Dlugi Targ Langer Markt Tram station of line nr 10 in Jelitkowo Glettkau Tram at Oliwska street Olivaerstraße in Nowy Port Neufahrwasser Tram of line nr 8 at Targ Drzewny Holzmarkt Tram of line nr 7 at Nowe Ogrody street Neugarten Tram station of line nr 8 at Szeroka street Breitegasse Tram at Podwale Grodzkie street Stadtgraben Bergmann on the bridge at Stagiewna gate Milchkannentor Two trams at Dlugie Ogrody street Langgarten Other pictures of trams in Danzig Tram of line 2 model 155 Tram of line 1 model 303 Pullman Car of line 1 model 371 Pullman Tram of line 4 model 258 Bergmann with car 48 Tram of line 2 model 301 Pullman at Podwale Grodzkie street Stadtgraben Tram of line 8 model 280 going to Nowy Port Neufahrwasser Tram of line 2 model 302 Pullman at Hucisko Silberhütte Tram of line 2 model 272 at Hucisko Silberhütte Tram of line 5 model 266 Bergmann at Hucisko Silberhütte going to Lakowa street Weidengasse Tram of line 10 model 241 Pullman at the ending station in Jelitkowo Glettkau Opata Rybińskiego street Am Schloßgarten in Oliwa line 10 model 242 Tram station in Oliwa line 2 Pullman Tram station in Oliwa line 2 Pullman (2012-07-20)